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Tower Court is a unique collection of 95 apartments set on the edge of

Southend's Cliff Gardens, high above the 

Thames Estuary


Tower Court offers high quality living in the finest area of Essex, 

Southend-on-Sea's Cliff Town Conservation Area 


Tower Court residents committee

and managing agents work together

to provide a pleasant, secure and friendly

environment for our residents

Tower Court Committee

Tower Court Committee is a resident-run, unpaid, Limited Liability Company. 

With oversight from the managing Agents Wheeldon and Deacon, resources are allocated for the maintenance and upkeep of the 95 apartments, 66 garages and common passageways, and external areas such as the gardens and visitors parking. The current committee comprises 4 officers:

  • Norman Webb (Chairman)(add email and other details)

  • Sue Peacher (Company Secretary)

  • Tony Peacher (Main Building Specialist)

  • Chris Richardson (External Areas and IT)

The committee holds meetings each month to discuss residents issues related to the property and potential improvements.



Tower Court Residents Committe

Norman Webb

Apartment 36,

Tower Court,

Westcliff Parade, 


Essex  SS0 7QH




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