Tower Court Residents (Westcliff) Ltd


 The purpose of the Company is to manage and administer the upkeep of the building including the common passageways and external areas such as the gardens and boundaries.

Every leaseholder holds a share in the Company, the leases are for 999 years from 1965.  A service charge is payable every March and September which includes water rates and building insurance.

The current committee comprises 2 Directors and 3 Committee Members:


  • Chris Richardson-Child (Chairman)

  • Derek Slatford (Main Building Specialist)

Committee Members

  • Annette Fox

  • Lynda Boorman

  • Bob Jackson 


Disclaimer: all of the pictures on this site have peen posted without copyright for one of the following reasons; they are pictures owned by residents who have given permission for publication; they are in the public domain; they are subject to fair use policy; they have no attributed owner on the internet; if you believe one of these photos is posted without one of these permissions please contact Chris Richardson on and the pictures will be removed.

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