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Late '60s

Historical Photos 1920 to 1950

Good Picture showing the 3 properties demolished for Tower Court

Westcliff Parade 1900?

Colourized photo of Westcliff Parade 1890?

Illustrated London News 1st June 1861

1872 Cliff Town Estate Layout

Nelson Road 1890?

The Overcliff Hotel 1900?

The Westcliff Hotel 1910?

The Westcliff Swimming Pool 1910

Our Westcliff Station 1910?

Westcliff Parade 1880?

Southend (Wooden) Pier 1860-70

New Southend Pier 1890

Southend Pier Horse Drawn Tram 1886

Southend Pier 1959 - 6 Years befor TC was built

Southend Pier 1947 Showing the Racetrack

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